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Consultation Services 

We deliver individualized recommendations and resources for department and program-level assessment on planning, data collection, analysis, report development and use of findings to support undergraduate student success. 

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We coordinate across departments to streamline information-sharing and stakeholder engagement to improve the efficiency and usability of data-driven insights.  A&R facilitates the Student Data Network and Student Voice Initiative (see below) and advises work groups and departments on undergraduate student data. 

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Student Data Network

The University of Arizona Student Data Network brings together university department and institutional leaders responsible for managing and using student data to support student experiences and their success. This assembly of 60+ campus professionals is co-chaired by the Office of Assessment and Research (A&R) and University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR). The network meets monthly to:

  • Share ongoing and upcoming assessments and student data strategies that connect data points across campus to uncover trends and insights
  • Support, monitor, and share how data are used to make progress towards institutional goals and priorities
  • Inform long-term student data integration and advise on student data access, assessment, and use
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Student Voice Initiative

The University of Arizona’s Student Voice Initiative facilitates better use of undergraduate student input through collaborative partnerships. A&R and the SSRI Strategy Team coordinate with campus partners who regularly collect student feedback to further campus understanding of undergraduate needs and expectations throughout the academic journey.

Launched in Fall 2022, the project connects information seekers to existing forums so they can effectively leverage existing data or pose new questions to students.  The following Student Voice forums are available resources.

  • Tiny Cafe
  • Student Advisory Boards
  • Student Data & Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • UX Participant Pool