Student Data Insights Strategy Team


The Student Data Insights Strategy Team hosts equity-minded discussions with University of Arizona student leaders, faculty, staff, and administration centered on data to better understand and support the student journey. Data-informed insights are presented with recommendations to inform the development of policy, practices, and services that enhance the student experience and their success.

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Data Sources & Method

The graphic below describes the process that has taken place since fall semester. Undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with student service departments from the consolidation of data, synthesis, development of insights, and sharing of findings.


Recent Projects

COVID-19 Impact on Student Experience, Needs & Perceptions | 2020-21

masked student

Responding to timely information needs amidst the global pandemic, the strategy team coordinated data collection and developed insights to inform campus stakeholders. Topics included student experiences and need within the context of hybrid and remote classroom learning, student services, as well as student perceptions and behaviors related to return to campus, COVID-19 transmission, and pandemic-related disruptions. 

Related reports:

  • Alex Robie –  Project Director, Office of University Initiatives
  • Amanda Reyes  –  Writer and Content Manager
  • America Curl  –  UX Student Assistant and Senior in Information Science and Society
  • Anthony Clarke –  UA BookStores Business Manager
  • Becky Pérez – Assistant Director of Instructional Data, Office of Instruction and Assessment
  • Brad Hensely – Analyst for Retention & Completion, Advising Resource Center
  • Carsen Kipley – Assistant Director, Accommodation Services
  • Damien Snook – Manager, Enrollment Analytics,
  • Danielle Flink – Student Success and Retention Specialist, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • David Miller – Director of Content Strategy & Communications
  • Diane Ohala – Associate Professor of Linguistics and Chair Faculty Senate Student Affairs Policy Committee
  • Jen Ludwig –  Sr. Associate Director, Operations & Management, Student Success and Retention Innovation
  • Kadian McIntosh – Director of Research & Analytics, College of Medicine
  • Kendra Thompson-Dyck –  Sr. Analyst, Assessment & Research
  • Laura Andrews – Sr. Analyst, Assessment & Research, Student Success and Retention Innovation
  • Lara Miller –  Analytics & Assessment Librarian, University Libraries
  • Lauren Pring –  Evaluation Specialist, Campus Health
  • Lin Zhang –  Coordinator of Assessment & Research, Dean of Students Office
  • Linda Scheu –  Senior Associate Director, Assessment and Analytics
  • Lucas Schalewski – Director of Assessment and Research
  • Mari John – Assistant Director Student Union Memorial Center
  • Marvin Slepian – Regents Professor, College of Engineering and College of Medicine
  • Megan Forecki – Sr. Coordinator of Assessment & Research, Student Engagement & Career Development 
  • Peggy Glider – Coordinator of Evaluation and Research, Campus Health
  • Sarah Kyte – Sr. Research Scientist, Student Success and Retention Innovation

Pell Grant Student Experiences & Successes | 2019-20

Students at BASC

Low-income undergraduate student success was selected as the topic for exploration in 2019-2020.  This was informed by the Pell Pledge Grant which is expected to increase Pell enrolled students as well as UA’s Strategic Plan to increase Pell persistence-to-graduation, and to be a national leader in Pell-recipient degree completion.

The team compiled and synthesized multiple sources of data to better understand the Pell student journey at the University of Arizona. This effort produced over 40 data-informed insights on Pell undergraduates across multiple domains which were presented to campus stakeholders before COVID-19 disruptions in early spring 2020. 

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  • Michaela Davenport, Student/Campus Pantry Director
  • Joshua Hamilton, Interim Director of African American Student Affairs and Sr. Coordinator Masculinity in the Mix
  • Alexei Marquez, Coordinator, Thrive Center
  • Bridgette Nobbe, Coordinator, Campus Pantry
  • Lucas Schalewski, Director, Assessment & Research
  • Alex Robie, Project Director, University Initiatives
  • Maggie Thom, Compliance Associate, Financial Aid Office
  • Kendra Thompson-Dyck, Sr. Research Analyst, Assessment and Research